1. How many photographers will cover my wedding day? Two. when you hire us you get two photographers, two complimenting styles, two super sneaky photo ninjas (Matt is by far the sneakiest), extra photos, and double the gear (cameras, lenses, and memory cards to ensure everything is backed up).
  2. What is your style?  Chera’s style is romantic, moment based, full of soft light, laughter, love and awesome connection! Matt’s talent is shown in his technique with his dramatic sky shots, the ability to find the most beautiful backgrounds, to MacGyver cool shots almost anywhere, and his quiet personality allows him to remain in the background during the day capturing stunning candid photos.
  3. How long have you been wedding photographers?  We have been a side by side wedding photography team now for 10 years.  We started photographing weddings when we first began dating and through our university years, and we have been lucky enough to work together now doing it as our full time job for over 7 years.
  4. Do you travel?  We have been so so lucky to travel all over the maritimes, parts of Canada and the globe photographing our clients!  We have photographed weddings in Toronto, Lake Louise, Las Vegas, Punta Cana, and we look forward to traveling more; send us off an email to get a custom travel quote!
  5. Your pictures and portraits look so candid and natural; are your couples models that just know how to act in front of camera or do you help the camera shy people out?  First off, our couples are all adorable and super in love so they do make it easy.  But secondly, we always give guidance, instructions and encouragement to our couples!  One of the fun things about being a couple ourselves is we can mirror the pose we are showing you; we put you in front of a gorgeous background, we find amazing light, we give you an idea for a pose (and demonstrate the pose) and then we let you have fun, joke, flirt and make it your own.   We always feel like we are a team with our couples; we all work together to make stunning images!
  6. When can do I get my wedding images after the wedding?  You can expect to see all of your photos between 4-6 weeks after your big day! We also try to give a few sneak peeks on Facebook and the blog before you receive all of your images!
  7. Are you also videographers? Matt has been making beautiful wedding trailer like videos for our clients, so if you are looking for a short and sweet video preview of your day feel free to ask us all about it!! Here is a link to check out our video work:
  8. Are my wedding images edited?  Yes, each image is tweaked, colour corrected, polished and taken care of with certain parts of the day getting extra care! And yes, you don’t have to worry at all if you wake up to a blemish on your wedding day it can be easily edited out: )
  9. How many images will I get?  A lot : )  Matthew and I both are photographing the entire day and with two shooters and two different angles, you are going to get a lot of photos.  Every wedding is different and has a different amount of hours of coverage and opportunities for moments etc.  With shorter coverage you can expect around 500-600 photos, and with longer coverage you can expect even more!! 
  10. Do you need a shot list of ideas and inspirations for our wedding day?  We love capturing what actually happens on your day: the smiles, tears, the snuggles the interactions. If we work from a list, we can’t guarantee getting everything from the list and it possible we might end up missing some things that really happen because we are trying to make the list shots occur.  So what we do is we talk extensively before the wedding, we basically become besties, we share pinterest boards, you tell us which weddings/engagement shoots we’ve shot fit with your style, we find out what you love and what you don’t and then on the day of the wedding we know you and your style and photograph your day with that in mind!!  We also, have an awesome form you fill out before the wedding telling us  who your VIP family and friends are and if there are any moments or mementos that we should make sure to capture artistically!
  11. How do I book in my date?  We would love to meet with you and see if we would be a good fit for your day! That will also give us a chance to chat about our wedding photography package options, and if everything sounds good we will all sign our contract, take a retainer via e-transfer or credit card towards the package of your choice, and the date will be yours.
  12. Do you have insurance? Yes! We have all of the adult-y business things! 12.5 Yes, that means we charge taxes too.
  13. How does the album design process work? We predesign the albums and then you can proof them online (or in person whatever is easiest) to make any changes that you would like!
  14. Do we feed you at the Reception?  Oh, you know the way to our hearts: )  We have awesome clients who feed us as they know they will get even more wonderful images from their from their un-hangry photo friends on their wedding day.   It is even extra awesome when they feed us at the same time as the bridal party/family tables are eating, that way we give you a photo break while you eat as the candids at that time aren’t usually the most sought after; ) Then when you are all done we are back to shooting all of the awesome candids, speeches, slideshows, and other fun events!
  15. How long should we budget in for photo time on our wedding day for the couple shots/bridal party and family photos? We have been to over 200 weddings, and we have found if we have at least two and a half hours for photos on your wedding day then wedding day timelines running a bit late we still have ample time to get lovely and artistic wedding images; if weddings photos are extra important, and you have lots of different locations you would like to go to on your wedding day, or if there is lots of traveling between your getting ready/ceremony/reception location, I would budget in even more time.
  16. I have read through your whole F.A.Q do I get a gold star?  Yes, you have just won 225 Yorke cool points and a gold star or two : )