Matt and Chera Yorke

   Matthew and I love each other and love taking pictures.  We met at church then started dating while working at a photography store and the rest, as they say, is history.  Matthew is quiet and kind and loves wearing black shirts and blue jeans (a la Johnny Cash).  As for Chera, well I am a bubbly romantic with an explosive laugh.  We are goofball perfectionists and together we share a vision to capture the love, memories and moments of our clients.  
        People tell us we are a strong team.  Matthew brings to the table a technical and artistic eye and the patience to wait for the perfect shot; his background in digital artwork and his family's three generations of photographic excellence have given him an incredible foundation. I  complete the unit with my attention to detail, love for all things romantic and an ability to communicate our vision.  

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The images of this incredible, creative, and loving team speak volumes for themselves. The images of the day that you spent countless hours, planning, pinning, and dreaming about are the one thing you will keep and cherish forever. Invitations will fade, party favours and centre pieces will become clutter in your home, and the dress will collect dust in your basement. 

Matt and Chera didn’t photograph my wedding day. They captured in still images my father’s pride and loving attention to his own wife as she witnessed her baby girl take one more step away from her. They imprinted in brilliant colour my sister’s unexpected emotional reaction to this ever so grand occasion, my husband’s siblings and their gentle care for one another, the joy and laughter of our friends as we celebrated. And in one single image that our daughters will grow up with, they captured the love of a young couple embarking on a journey that will last a life time. This one particular image is not only of our wedding day, but of the hope, love, expectations, and excitement of a marriage.

Vanessa McMackin

First off, you cannot go wrong with Matt and Chera! I enjoy photography, and have been dreaming about my wedding photographer for years.  Photography was very important to us. The way I looked at it, it is the only thing you can really appreciate over and over again (besides each other of course) for years to come. No one is going to really remember what you ate, or what your flowers looked like...but the photography will be looked at and admired for years. This was our splurge. Cost wise, they are in line with other photography professionals. Sure you can get pictures done cheaper by less experienced people, but sadly, many of my friends who went this route ended up regretting their pictures, and later dressed back up to get some redos. Considering the time and work they put into each picture, on your wedding day, and in the editing after, they really are not charging much. 


I met with Matt and Chera alone, as my husband was away with the RCMP. I loved them from the second I walked in the door. They made me feel so comfortable. I knew right away they were what we were looking for. I drove back over and gave them the deposit the next morning, just to make sure I had them booked...NOTHING was going to jeopardize this.  The first day my husband met them was our wedding day. He can be quite shy, but Matt and Chera made him feel like they have been friends for years. 

Jodie Richardson

We used Matt and Chera for our Christmas wedding.  We were extremely impressed and would do it all over again in a heartbeat (and probably will for future family photos and the like!)  Not only is their work amazing, but they are seriously fun people who will make the day a pleasure.  In addition to being technically excellent, you really want to make sure that you get along with your photographers, since they will be hanging out with you for the most important day of your life!  We got so many comments on how unobtrusive they were, like people barely knew they were there, but still ended up with over 600 fully edited photos of every moment and detail.  I'm not sure if Chera mentionned this, but they actually submitted our photos to Weddingbells magazine and we are featured in the Fall/Winter edition.

Sarah Gannon

Coming from the father of the bride Matt and Chera you two were absolutely awesome. From beginning to end you were very professional and absolutely wonderful, you just fit right in and seemed like you had been part of our family for a lifetime. If you happen to need new parents at any time just let us know and we will adopt you into our family! Your photos are incredible but the fact you are able to separate the necessary work you need to do in such a discrete and personal manner is what makes you both so great. I have been at some weddings where the photographer was the centre of attention but definitely not so with you guys. You added such a great dimension to the wedding, one which I had never thought of before and certainly made Sarah’s Day the perfect day she had hoped and dreamed for. Thanks so much for everything and you know where we live!

Eugene Price


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